Dating Theory is a series of dating tips which hope to make your dating experiences better. This week we focus on Love Island and why the adorable and dearly loved Harley was left lonely and homebound. Harleys demise has since been well analysed by everyone in the media by now, […]

Love Island: Why Harley Went Home (Dating Theory)

As you may know, the first season of the #GOADPODCAST came to a climactic end on Tuesday with a special guest appearance from none other than my mother, Charmain Alleyne herself. Whilst it has been an unusual decision to put the podcast on hold just as it has started to […]

The #GOADPODCAST Is Changing

First dates are already rattling prospects. First you have to make a great impression before the date, you then have to get ready and look like the shining diamond Rihanna wanted you to be. Once the date comes by, your troubles aren’t over; now you have to be on your […]

Six Emotions You Go Through If Your Date Is Taking ...

There’s a huge difference between dating to impress and dating to progress when it comes to a relationship. Quite often we get these two confused and wonder why ‘giving our all’ is leading to nowhere. Because of this, I’ve developed ‘dating theory’, a series of tips you should keep in […]

Dating Theory: The Longest Pleasurable Route

For the University crowd, Exam season spans to width of March till June on some courses, meaning that your chances to get out and have some fun with your shawty are somewhere between non-existent or few and far between.  date life.The problem is, if you’ve both spent a lot of […]

Five Great Alternative Stay At Home Date Ideas