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Sometimes, when you’re in the mood to do something, but not sure on what you want to do, places like Starcity are an Oasis in your desert of boredom and monotony.

Starcity isn’t a place I, or anyone else should come to love. The neon lights and ‘in the moment’ architecture reminds me of a little Vegas or the inside of the O2 arena in London.

But those same neon nights that can be seen shining from the M6 are a beacon to a home of family friendly, light hearted entertainment that dwells within those same ‘in the moment’ pieces of architecture.

Thirteen restaurants surround a Gym, several football pitches and funfair attractions, a cinema, bowling alley, mini golf complex, casino,  Arcade, rock climbing centre, Laser game arena, coffee booth and a … WHSmiths?

Bright, spacious and airy; the communal space at Star City is almost always a pleasure to stand in and decide what it is you want to do.

Ignoring the WHSmiths, which is clearly geared at the parents and non-participating members of a party, Starcity is directed solely at the purpose of fun and as such, they have made it accessible for you to get here through a number of means.

First off, if you’re driving, there  are over 2000 spaces available, meaning that if everyone from your secondary school was in an individual car and drove here, chances are that this would still have double the number of available spaces available.

It’s free parking too, with 24 hour security on site, constantly keeping an eye on your ride as you do whatever it is that possesses your will and is honestly a refreshing peace of mind, especially if you have a valuable car or have reservations about large car parks. 

However, if you can’t get here by car, the Taxi is your next best bet, as Starcity have their own deicated Taxi team on hand to pick you up from the designated taxi rink at the doors of the building. It’s a welcome change to getting somewhere and then waiting nervously till a car appears out of nowhere that you hope is the booked on. Furthermore, the rink is lit too, making you feel a bit safer as you stand in the cold.

A fraction of the facilities on offer at Star City.

I’d strongly recommend you don’t even both with the train. With the nearest train station being just over 2 miles way, it leaves you for a precarious 40 minute walk, and with no bus servicing Starcity directly, you are still a 20 minute walk from the number 61 bus on Lichfield road.

Now whilst Starcity is a bastion of fun for the city of Birmingham, don’t think you can come here to sit on your arse and have a great time because Starcity demands you to be engaged.

The main attractions: Rock climbing wall, bowling alley, arcade, mini-golf and football cenrtre are not for the lazy man- so if you want to be able to do ‘anything’ here, you’re going to have to come dressed appropriately.

The flip side is that the restaurants, which are filled with lovely people, do have pockets of kinda smelly people too.
This is completely fair though, it’s no different to the number of food joints that get crammed after a day at Thorpe Park for example, or if you walked in after a children's football team, so if you’re expecting a fancy dinner date, you are better off looking elsewhere.

And even when it's all over for the day, It's still a beautiful venue to stand around.

However, what should be considered though, and remembered is that this is still a minority of users at these establishments. The key is to go at less busy times and your chances of sitting next to a sweaty man who’s just jumped off the climbing wall or run off of the pitch is tiny. Also consider that some places will take the brunt of these people too. The Mcdonalds being the tragic barer of this bad news, whilst your Harvester and Shere Khan seem to attract people who came to eat, and eat only.

32 Watson Rd, Birmingham B7 5SA


  • Taxi rink is a pleasure to use due to the abundance of Taxi's and great lighting.
  • Starcity knows you came to have fun and everything is revolved around the concept of fun- from the bright neon to the amusements.
  • With so much to do there's no excuse not to do anything.
  • There's even something for the health nuts.
  • With so much available, you can come in with a plan, change your mind and still have fun.
  • Open till late everyday, so your date doesn't have to end early.


  • For the active and the active only.
  • Limited modes of cheap transport.
  • If it's busy, the other Starcity goers make it smell a little bit.
  • Some people consider Starcity 'childish'.
  • Unless you're here to solely eat, 'dressing to impress' can be difficult if you do not have an excellent 'Casual smart' wardrobe.

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