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When I had the idea for Going On A Date a few years ago, little did I imagine that it would surpass 100,000 hits in under four months of going active.

Yet since the sites launch in January, your engagement as a reader has helped us do exactly that.

Because the journey from being an unranked, scrawny website with four reviews and a handful of images to a website boasting a first season podcast, almost forty reviews and a youtube channel has been a swift and deeply satisfying experience.

So having smashed through all of our previous goals, I am proud to announce the next bold step for Going On A Date, a step in which I am inviting you, the readers to be a part of this next big chapter.

Going On A Date has recently become a content creator on the membership platform, Patreon and we are inviting you to become the newest member of our new and exclusive community.

For a monthly fee of only $1 (0.70p) you can gain access to exclusive Going On A Date content on Patreon with rewards for your membership increasing as you progress through our five tiers.

Rewards include access to our monthly photo album, tickets to exclusive Going On A Date events and voting rights to future topics and videos.

However, the real rewards start at our $20 ($£15.70) tier which grants you access to exclusive-to-patreon videos and podcast episode, priority location listings, early access to reviews, Official Merchandise, behind the scenes photos and video recordings and copies of the upcoming book; ‘Dating is a Crooked Game’.

But spaces are limited and it means the sooner you sign up, the better your chances of getting the best rewards.

So click on the link below to become the proudest new member of Going On A Date’s new chapter and don’t forget to stay dating and stay loving.


Omar Alleyne Lawler,
‘Going On A Date’ Creator.

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