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Resort World

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Resort World is more than your typical shopping centre with a few luxury amenities, as somewhere on the top floor hides a five star hotel and spa, taking your evening out and making it a weekend away.

It only takes one look at Resort World for you to understand if this is the sort of place you want to be. If artisanal pastries, specialised sneakers and watches more expensive than your average joe's pay check.

It means that your trip here needs to come with a purpose. Are you here for a bite to eat or to watch a movie? Because if you came to ramble and waste time, chances are you wont have the budget to keep up.

The flip side is that if you do have the account to match your unhinged, full experience aspirations of spending a day or longer at Resort World, then this shiny box sitting next to the NEC and the M6 is almost certainly already on your radar.

This is a two sided fallacy however, because you can come to Resort World on a modest budget and enjoy the facilities, avoiding the shopping aspect altogether and enjoy it just as much as the couple who walk in hoping to spend four figure sums.

With a multi-screen Cineworld cinema and a swash of dining options including a TGI's, Pizza Express, Las iguanas, Nando's, GBK and others- it holds the variety of a shopping centre food hall, but in a better location.

The price of this "nicer location" does come at the expense of accessibility.

Getting to Resort World is not recommended by Taxi or public transport. Yes, it's right outside Birmingham International, but the walk falls short of glamorous and without an alternative, it feels like a chore.
Parking, which is a pleasure due to the number of spaces, clear signage and great visibility. Yet this too comes at a cost of more than £1.50 an hour. If this sounds like a penny too far, plan a visit to the cinema where the convenience of parking your car safely becomes subsided and thus, cost effective.

So how do you plan a date to resort world?

Well first off, it's not an "after work" location like going into town is. It's also not exactly a "dress-up" occasion either because fundamentally, you're heading to an upscale shopping centre but at the same time, the environment can very quickly make you feel like you've dressed down if you wander out in a pair of beat up ASICS'

But to make a convincing case as to why you and your date should be here instead of anywhere else in town is simple, ask them if they want to go to their favourite high street food chain and instead of looking at the miserable faces going by, look at the waterfront instead.

Pendigo Way, Birmingham B40 1PU


  • Free parking if you take a trip to the cinema.
  • Lovely views and architecture.
  • If you feel like you fit in better at the Mailbox than you do the Bullring, you can add Resort World to your list too.
  • Your regular high-street eateries are now in a location with a better view.
  • Staff get an honourable mention for being nice.
  • Have a mix of shops that are both exclusive gems and are on your highstreet.


  • Resort World can very easily out price you if you are not expecting it.
  • If the Bullring has everything you want for shopping, Resort World isn't for you.
  • It feels like it's in the middle of nowhere, so getting here can be a chore.
  • When it's even slightly busy, your chances of getting a seat at any of the restaurants is going to be tricky.

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