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Omar Alleyne-Lawler

Going on a Date? Editor

Born and raised in our capital city, London, Omar was raised in a single parent home with his Barbadian raised mother and younger brother, and like most young boys his age, he never caught the infamous 'lurgies' or 'cooties' from a girl.

With his health strong and state of romantic availability uninfected, he would go on to become a ‘cute guy’ whilst studying and harbouring his love for videogames, creating Kaichicast Animation - an animation and games blogging website with some friends as he broke hearts and became heartbroken in return. But videogames would not be his only love and at 18 years old, like thousands of teens his age, he packed his bags and set off for the smooch-fest that is University; but would instead spend it studying Fashion Design and hearing about girls and their terrible, borderline tragic dates. A year of those troubles would be enough for Omar who would go on to re-hone his writing skills by becoming editor of two national platforms; one specialising in Black History, whilst another focused on Student News where he has been for the last two years.

Having felt the full force of dating in his early twenties and managing to get himself into a relationship, Omar has created Going On A Date? because his experiences have taught him one valuable lesson: people remember bad dates, they cherish great ones, and the ones in the middle get forgotten.

So not only will Going On A Date? put you in safe, reliable and well-opinionated hands, but these reviews should keep you and your good name from being slandered in the group chat and smeared in the memories of drunken ex’s.

Omar Alleyne, Going on a Date? Editor