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Ed’s Diner is a fun dining option for those looking to enjoy some familiar American dining comforts on a budget and with a little time.

It’s easy to find. Birmingham’s city centre has two Ed’s Diners’; one in the food court at Selfridges and another on the shopping floor of Grand Central, perked between Crepe affair and Tesco’s which is where we visited.

Eds Diner is easy to spot once you get onto the upper levels of Grand Central

This location does have one major advantage over the Selfridge's diner due to the proximity to New Street Station: Speed of service.

This is done by keeping the eatery relatively small so that even at full capacity, serving is quick. However, because the eatery is a little on the smaller side, it is difficult to guarantee you will find a booth at this location at peak times.

However, do not mistake the lack of seating for a feeling of exclusivity. In fact, due to the food court style layout that all of the restaurants in this area share, a booth at Ed’s Diner can feel like you are sharing a meal with the public walking by, or someone in the Crepe Affair next door.

Ed's Diner menu may be long, but it is not extensive

This should not feel like some sort of violation however, as like all of the eateries in this little hub on the upper floor of Grand Central, the dining options here are designed to be fast and efficient - not luxurious experiences designed to make you or your date feel special.

It means that Ed’s diner falls into a category of ‘quick fix dates’ - the kind you make if the two of you are too busy to fit in a nice evening after work, so you arrange something during lunch instead.

A jukebox? That plays music!? Shame it accepts money but doesnt work.

However, if this is what the two of you had in mind, expect ‘diner’ food - meaning you are right to expect burgers, fries and milkshakes to make up most of the menu.

This does not mean they are your only choices however, as accompanying them on the menu are chicken wing  and hot dog options; as well well as cheesier tastes such as mozzarella sticks and nachos.

The presentation and quality of the food may not be amazing, but it beats getting a McDonalds et al

If greasy spoon isn’t something you fancy, Ed’s does offer a limited vegetarian menu which focuses on giving salad options with fries.

Overall then, Ed’s Diner is hardly a recommended location, but it is a functional one. With an ultra convenient location, quick food and a fun 50’s vibe, Ed’s can make it onto your midweek lunch time date radar.

Unit MK15, East Mews, Birmingham B2 4XJ


  • Quick food.
  • Simple, concise menu.
  • Fun neon decor.
  • Jukebox anyone?


  • A rather bland choice of eatery.
  • Not a particularly special place to take a date.
  • Whilst it might be better than some fast food options, it's far lower in quality than Five Guy's, GBK or Honest Burger.
  • Not the healthiest of food options.
  • The small space means it gets busy quickly so spaces aren't a promise.
  • the wall-less restaurant means its not for the self-conscious.
  • Jukebox does not work.

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