bb’s: Coffee & Muffins

bb’s: Coffee & Muffins

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Edmonton Green, London



BB’s is changing. Once a small little chain situated in distant English towns, BB’s has made a play for London. Now whilst it isn’t a power player in the Coffee game, it’s non-power playing status has poised this coffee shop in a rare position; The cute coffee shop with nothing to prove.

For example, this is the first modern Coffee shop that seems to have zero emphasis on the invention of wifi, so as far as I know; it has no wifi and to use the toilet you need to look at a series of numbers on your receipt like it is a puzzle in an escape room.

I struggle to complement the choice of hot foods on offer due to a lack of variety and I’m not even sure where the coffee is from.

However, these critiques are ones that come from an unfair place. Walking in I expected bb’s to be more ‘Café’ Coffee’ than ‘Dessert & Coffee’- so to demand it serve more hot food than the sandwiches and panni’s on offer is an example of me misplacing my expectations.

One Latte, a Cherry and Coconut Muffin with an Orange and Lemon Muffin to join

So what is the reality of the bb’s situation?

Well, bb’s, like Cheeky Joe’s serves up a hearty passion for ice cream and cold drinks, both of which are served up with a fair array of flavours and varieties.

It’s a strong performance from bb’s cold drinks department as Milkshakes, Iced drinks and smoothies accompany the refrigerated bottles near the counter well, rounding out the cold drink variety and giving you a fair pause for thought.

If you’re looking for something to warm your cockles however, the coffee is a reliable choice; even if it has a flavour profile that makes the origin feel mysterious. The reason for this is simple; the Barista prepares it well and in a style that tilts towards artisanal rather than functional meaning every cup looks and tastes great; making each cup worthy to be both inside your body and on Instagram harvesting likes.

bb's interior

Yet despite the strong drinks showing, bb’s ‘ace up its sleeve’ isn’t even in the delightful icecream which has been valued at £2.50 a scoop. No.

The true show stopper is in the freshly made Muffins.

It means a lot to me that a nationwide retail and food chain can create a product that tastes like it came from someone’s home. In fact, the muffins taste so close to homemade that I imagine the recipe was passed down by some frail old grandmother in her final days and all they did was scale it up to a commercial scale.

But taking all the food to one side, where does bb’s fit into your date plans?

The branding is excellent' from the plates down to the sugar sachets, nothing is overlooked

Truthfully it’s for the couples. Not the couples that have started a cult at Café Nero or who will faint if they don’t get a pumpkin spice. It’s for the couples who want to do something different in their routine; who want to get something nice but don’t want to break the bank or stray too far from home.

It’s because bb’s doesn’t try to do anything more than be your local coffee shop of choice and it does so by giving you a little bit of pizazz.

Not glitter and disco pizazz, but it is a nod towards modern styles and clean lines; allowing the design to be impressive without being boastful.

It means that bb’s is a relatively homely, yet clearly neutral environment and nothing emphasises this more than one particular piece of furniture near the door.

If dining outside is more your thing, there are plenty of seats for you to enjoy outside.

In fact, it’s one of my favourite spots throughout the whole shop; as bb’s features a VIP-esc style seating area that reminds me of the sofa in ‘Friends’ so if the two of you get your bits to eat and drink before anyone else, heading to the sofa should be your shout.  

3 Plevna Rd, London N9
Located in: Edmonton Green Shopping Centre


  • A well renovated and thoroughly modernised spot.

  • A great break from the regular scenery if you both just 'chill at home'.
  • Loyalty card scheme for regular customers.
  • Comfortable seating and well let makes it an environment you both want to stay in long after you've finished your cups.
  • Muffins, muffins, muffins.
  • Great selection of cold drinks to quench your thirst.
  • Superb location; on the edge of the market, right next to the ASDA.
  • Supremely easy to get to as both Edmonton Green train station and Bus Terminal are a 5 minute walk.


  • £2.50 a scoop is a bit steep, especially when you will probably want more than just one flavour.

  • Coffee isn't tailored to the casual consumer, so isn't anything to write home about.
  • Not a romantic setting, so avoid bringing someone you want to impress.
  • Most of the decor and other patrons point towards this being a venue for friends, so expect groups to take up much of the seating area.
  • Sandwich and Panini choices are lacking.
  • No wifi- so expect to post your cute pictures when you get home, or use some of your mobile data.

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