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On the road reviews is a short series of quick reviews, answering the questions  submitted location a series of locations you, the GOAD community have requested to be reviewed. This week, we visited Benugo, a nationwide coffee chain that has made a new home in Grand Central.  

Step right up! Step right up and order here!

Benugo. A relatively small player in the coffee game chain that was once confined to the 90 mile circus that is our nations capital, London, has seen a swift and justly deserved expansion to now grace our brummie streets.

Perhaps this expansion has been just because what they serve is not necessarily for the masses or ideally dedicated to the coffee lover. Instead, it’s for the person who NEEDS coffee, like- right now.

Feeling thirsty? Benugo does more than just hot drinks

Wonderfully bitter, yet gracefully powerful flavours due to the not so secret, but closely guarded coffee blend recipe- means that it’s not uncommon to find your “working lunch” or “coffee meeting” happening in one of the four corners, carefully creating the right amount of space between the freelance writers like it’s a game if minesweeper.

It creates a vibe of collective importance here due to the clientele, making this a fantastic #Lunchdate location if you’re busy and in the city.

By midday, most of the food may be gone; so act fast!

And it’s that ‘busy and in the city’ which makes Benugo so important and well focused. Just take a look at the drinks menu and find that there are only four variations of beverage available to you; ‘shots’- which are fruit and vegetable based, home remedy style mouthfuls of nutritious goodness, your regular Smoothies and Juices, a selection of Iced Drinks and of course your ‘hot drinks’.

But when you take a look at the hot drinks section- it’s a very simple, very organised and clearly dedicated selection of hot drinks, where focus on execution and mastery has been decided over mere mass-variety or experimental gimmicks that you may find at  other coffee chains. *cough* Pumpkin spiced unicorn *cough*

Still one of the nicest cups around

A no frills menu means you, like the people already seated, are here to do business. Simple yet carefully and intentionally prepared, Benugo’s coffee division is a pleasure to occupy your time if you or your date are in a bit of a rush, but still want to enjoy the company of one another in a nicer-than-your-average coffee stop.

The time at which you arrive is somewhat important though. With a breakfast and Lunch menu, just turning up and hoping you see ‘that thing you got last time’ might be a trip in misery, or it could be the perfect stop for an early morning Yoghurt Pot and a baguette as the two of you make your way to a place elsewhere.

Birmingham New St Station Hill St, Birmingham B2 4QE


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