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Legoland Discovery Centre

Big Kids Night Out


Central Birmingham



With a product line aimed at 9 to 99 year olds, Lego has a universal appeal that transcends race ability, gender and age; yet the Legoland Discovery Centre is almost solely focused on children and teens, with adults seemingly being iced out from enjoying their own blocky fun.

But appearances can be deceiving, as once a month, for three hours, the Legoland Discovery Centre hosts an ‘Adult Only’ night, aimed at accommodating the grown up admirers of Lego in a judgement free creative zone.

A quick stop at the science museum think tank perhaps?

Taking place on the first Wednesday of each month, the Discovery Centre at the Birmingham Arena is a fun, mid-week date night option that lets you, the big kids let their hair down without having to worry about the children in your life (or in the city) ruin it.

Opening at 5pm, just as the normal program ends, you and your date are welcomed to a photo that, should you purchase can be one for your memoirs. Surprisingly prices are significantly discounted for the Adult nights, with photo’s starting at £4 rather than the £15 as advertised.

I've never seen the Mailbox from this angle before...

If you think your time here will be spent pushing block together, you may sorely be mistaken. With a ‘miniland’ viewing gallery, you and your date can witness iconic Brummie landmarks such as Grand Central, the Rotunda, the Mailbox and more in the miniature, whilst other parts of the attraction, such as Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Villa Park, a medieval joust & a canal boat race, are entirely interactive with your inputs impacting the display.

You might be in the shadow of the Lego figure, but you're much more filled in

For those with an itchy trigger finger, a ride-on shooting gallery called ‘Kingdom Quest’ is available; with prizes- and bragging rights being issued to the shooter with the highest score of the evening. Lastly, if you find your hands needing a rest, the Discovery Centre has a 4D cinema on hand showing only the most exclusive of Lego themed movies.

Of course, if you or your date’s love for Lego runs so deep that these side quests are distracting from their pursuit of pure creative freedom, the Legoland Discovery Centre also has various stages that allow visitors to create and test both earthquake-proof structures & soapbox racers should they want something more focused than the sandbox style of play offered.

What you're looking at here are the entrants for the Easter themed building competition.

Additionally, there are daily build challenges and workshop events too, with Lego employees taking you through the process step by step till your creation looks like it too was made by a master builder.

However, your Lego themed night doesn’t need to stop at 8pm, as the gift shop features hundreds of potential products you can take home for the two of you to continue your Lego adventure, all night long.

King Edwards Rd, Birmingham B1 2AA


  • Affordable.
  • Great variety in activities.

    Great transport options for both Private and Public.


    Highly engaging.


    No children to worry about.


    Easy after-work date idea.


    Onsite Cafe is part Lego part Costa.


    Proximity to Brindley Place means you can complete your date night with a meal quite easily.


    Lots of opportunities to grab memorabilia for your date night.


  • Gift shop may get skipped if you are on a tight budget.
  • Novelty can quickly wear off if you aren't a fan.
  • Only once a month.
  • Pre-booking essential

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