Taking Your Sweetie to Cadbury World

Cadbury World

Cadbury World




£35+ (per person)

Note: £16 goes towards the entry tickets. The rest was spent on chocolate at the museum/giftshop.

A trip to Cadbury World might just be the worst idea ever, but if you're two single parents looking to merge your families,  dating a massive chocolate head or a sweetie with a sweet tooth, a trip to a very real chocolate factory is an idea that will excite their very core.

With that being said, though, there are warnings about whether or not you should decide to make a trip to Bournville:

  • Firstly, if you or your date are huge chocoholics, don't expect to pay the people here any attention.
  • Secondly, if you aren’t good with standing on your feet for long periods of time, give this entire visit a miss. The best attractions will require you to be active and agile, so if you aren't the strongest of walkers, a wheelchair for the day will fair better.

'There will be children... lot's of children.'

  • There will be children. Lots of them. If you hate children don’t bother coming here, you’ll have an aneurism before you finish parking.
  • Bring money. Lots of it. The gift shop offers bulk buying of your favourite chocolates as well as merchandise, plus theres a cafe so budget big.
  • You'll want to bring a bag. Even if you don’t buy chocolate, the tour will mean that you get some for free, so be prepared to store it somewhere.
  • And don't forget your reading glasses! The attractions come with funny jokes and fun facts.

Disclaimers aside, let’s get down to the review.

Set on the very same land that John Cadbury decided to build a chocolate village in 1878, Cadbury World is a centre for cocoa and sugar filled happiness.

Mainly used as a school attraction, Cadbury World is designed to be whimsical, attractive and fun; three things that promise to make a date enjoyable, even if the bustle of this cocoa compound leaves little time for the two of you to speak freely.

There's lots more to see and do here other than eating chocolate, though most of those things are reserved for children, something you most likely used to be but certainly aren't anymore.  

However, adults can still have fun as the day gets split into three slots: Pre-tour, tour and post tour; a rare occurrence for those of you who are familiar with tour structures, yet Cadbury world is a venue full of differences.

First and foremost, you really do have to book to come here. On-the-day hopefuls typically get encouraged to leave before they even arrive & therefore means that your day is entirely dictated by the time your tour starts.

If you have an early slot, don't fret as the 'park' is still open for you to enjoy after your tour until Cadbury World closes at 6pm.

All in all though, you have to be honest with yourself and recognise that Cadbury World is for the children. The play areas and parks, length of the short films and even the décor is all aimed at those with a short attention span, but if you want to learn something new, there's plenty to learn here.

There are places to eat, but like any themed park, it's fast food made for speed, so it all tastes rather generic and dull. Does the job though.


Linden Rd, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1JR

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