This Summer, GOAD went on a three City tour to London, Amsterdam* and Durban* in order to see what your best date location experiences were across the world. So it’s July 18th and the itinerary has been set. The Going On A Date crew will travel from Birmingham to London […]

The GOAD Tour

Twitter is a fabulous place to made both wild and reasonable statements and this week I discovered another hotly contested gem before I had even begun to make my morning coffee; “A £10 date in London is Impossible.” And thus, the £10 London Date Challenge was born.   FAKE NEWS […]

The £10 London Date Challenge

Hello Daters! First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for reading so diligently over the past five months and helping us to utterly destroy the 100,000 views mark; a milestone I had hoped to accomplish but never imagined would happen so soon […]

We’re Going On A Tour!

Our Patreon Link When I had the idea for Going On A Date a few years ago, little did I imagine that it would surpass 100,000 hits in under four months of going active. Yet since the sites launch in January, your engagement as a reader has helped us do […]

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Dating Theory is a series of dating tips which hope to make your dating experiences better. This week we focus on Love Island and why the adorable and dearly loved Harley was left lonely and homebound. Harleys demise has since been well analysed by everyone in the media by now, […]

Love Island: Why Harley Went Home (Dating Theory)