You’ve probably seen the videos of someone slicing a giant block of chocolate like it is a brisket, re-igniting your craving for chocolate in ways which you have never felt before. That video was taken here, at Dark Sugars- a place better for chocolate than Cadburys could ever imagine.Based near […]

Dark Sugars: Redefining your Chocolate Obsession

Finsbury Park was once home to Arsenal, a football club with a panache for importing already excellent foreign talents and integrating them into the English game. But whilst the club may have moved, the spirit for meshing two different cultures remains and Café Mexicali’s Tex-Mex restaurant personifies this.[caption id="attachment_864" align="aligncenter" […]

Cafe Mexicali: A Proud Example Of Tex-Mex Dining

Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa is a four-star luxury set in the jewel of South West London that is Battersea; but whilst the hotel may be missing that extra star on the building, it certainly is a great location to have a five star date.First of all, pitching a […]

Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel

With over 200,000 South Asians living in the city of Birmingham, the competition as to who makes food that represents the region best is hotly contested. The New Soho Tavern is a true contender for the title; mixing it’s ‘Desi’ heritage, with the local Birmingham Roots.As a re imagining of […]

New Soho Tavern: Handsworth’s Revolution of Humble Pub Grub

Featured in the picturesque setting of Canon Hill Park, The Midland’s most popular arts centre (hence the name MAC) is the place to be if you aren’t quite sure what you or your date want to do and equally excellent if you do.If you’ve ever been in a relationship the […]

MAC: The Day Long Date (Midlands Arts Centre)