Cafe and Coffee

BB’s is changing. Once a small little chain situated in distant English towns, BB’s has made a play for London. Now whilst it isn’t a power player in the Coffee game, it’s non-power playing status has poised this coffee shop in a rare position; The cute coffee shop with nothing […]

bb’s: Coffee & Muffins

On the road reviews is a short series of quick reviews, answering the questions  submitted location a series of locations you, the GOAD community have requested to be reviewed. This week, we visited Benugo, a nationwide coffee chain that has made a new home in Grand Central.   Benugo. A […]

Benugo: Birmingham

Featured in the picturesque setting of Canon Hill Park, The Midland’s most popular arts centre (hence the name MAC) is the place to be if you aren’t quite sure what you or your date want to do and equally excellent if you do.If you’ve ever been in a relationship the […]

MAC: The Day Long Date (Midlands Arts Centre)

 Your local coffee shop needs to be accessible, cheap, tasty and welcoming; four things the coffee & beans has in spades.   Picture the scene of your favourite or most despised romantic comedy; After days, weeks or even months of hard graft and strange flirting attempts which lead to nowhere, the lead and her crush […]

Coffee & Beans: The Newest Coffee shop on Winson Green’s ...

Vegetarian, Vegan, Pet and Coeliac suffer friendly. For some of you this will be a paradise, for others this will be an avocado on toast stained hell.As an area, Kings Heath has been dubbed ‘like living in a trendy London borough’ and as a Londoner, I wanted to call this […]

Send your date Crazy at Loco Lounge