If you aren’t a loyalist to any particular Cinema chain, hearing that there is yet another cinema chain out there hoping to get you into their dark room and show you things might sound like more of the same; but is Empire different and can it be your date night […]

Empire Cinema: King Of The Date Night Cinema?

In a quest to be THE high street cinema for your movie nights out, Vue has to not only beat Odeon and Cineworld with quality, it has to provide you with the experience too.One of my favourite things about movie dates is that if you’ve got a great film in […]

Vue at Starcity

Featured in the picturesque setting of Canon Hill Park, The Midland’s most popular arts centre (hence the name MAC) is the place to be if you aren’t quite sure what you or your date want to do and equally excellent if you do.If you’ve ever been in a relationship the […]

MAC: The Day Long Date (Midlands Arts Centre)

Everyman Cinema
Notes: Price quote above is a combination of two adult tickets for £23 with food starting £3.20 and drinks from £2.10. Also, we did not use the Mailbox for parking, but a cheaper pay and display option three roads away. Finding the entrance to Everyman Cinema is easy to miss. […]

Everyman Cinema: A Revolutionary Take on the Cinema Dining ...