Ed’s Diner is a fun dining option for those looking to enjoy some familiar American dining comforts on a budget and with a little time. It’s easy to find. Birmingham’s city centre has two Ed’s Diners’; one in the food court at Selfridges and another on the shopping floor of […]

American Comfort’s with Ed’s Diner

The signage over the door might give you a ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ vibe, but I can assure you that Coast to Coast's 'American Bar and Restaurant'  has a breakfast I consider divine. My first experience of Coast to Coast was rather interestingly in Stansted Airport’s departures lounge;  a destination filled with […]

Coast to Coast for Breakfast

As the UK’s most famous high street sushi brand, YO! Sushi makes the time-honoured dishes that make sushi so revered and makes it accessible and affordable; meaning almost anyone can try their pallets at this Japanese icon.Our review takes us to Kings Cross, where inside St Pancras International, YO! Sushi […]

Pickers and Choosers for YO! Sushi

Finding an Italian restaurant in some boroughs is what finding a chicken shop is in another; easy & common. So to say that Vapiano revolutionises your expectation of what an Italian restaurant is, it is not an exaggeration. Being told that you are going to eat out near Oxford street […]

Vapiano: Italian food with a ‘fast-casual’ approach

A redeveloped bank perching on a corner of Haringey’s West Green Road once boasted to finance the community. Today, The Banc is a Mediterranean Burger Bar & Steakhouse restaurant and Shisha bar that has done away with the banking tellers, but kept the need to check your balance whilst you’re […]

The Banc: North London’s Best Burger Bar & Steakhouse?