Residing beside the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and sharing a road with Snow Hill Station, Nosh & Quaff bridges the gap between upscale and high street with an eatery that prides itself on the fresh lobsters and gourmet burgers which make up the menu as part of the Lasan […]

Nosh & Quaff: Cold Beer & Fresh Lobster

One of the hardest things to get right when in a relationship is the mid-week date venue because not only does it have to be better than what you are about to make at home, it also has to be way more fun than staying in. Thankfully, Grillstock Smokehouse promises […]

Grillstock Smokehouse: Thinking Locally Acting Hillbilly

Finsbury Park was once home to Arsenal, a football club with a panache for importing already excellent foreign talents and integrating them into the English game. But whilst the club may have moved, the spirit for meshing two different cultures remains and Café Mexicali’s Tex-Mex restaurant personifies this.[caption id="attachment_864" align="aligncenter" […]

Cafe Mexicali: A Proud Example Of Tex-Mex Dining

With over 200,000 South Asians living in the city of Birmingham, the competition as to who makes food that represents the region best is hotly contested. The New Soho Tavern is a true contender for the title; mixing it’s ‘Desi’ heritage, with the local Birmingham Roots.As a re imagining of […]

New Soho Tavern: Handsworth’s Revolution of Humble Pub Grub

In recent years, Nando’s has become the definitive ‘Go-To’ date location for first dates and days out. But with the cries building for all of us to abandon the South African chicken house for our romantic aspirations, just what is it that turns people off?It’s hard to argue that the […]

Cheeky Nando’s