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Coast to Coast

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Broad Street, Birmingham



The signage over the door might give you a ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ vibe, but I can assure you that Coast to Coast's 'American Bar and Restaurant'  has a breakfast I consider divine.

My first experience of Coast to Coast was rather interestingly in Stansted Airport’s departures lounge;  a destination filled with locations I never considered anything more than a dining fling.

So when I returned to this beautiful city and heard there was a location on our very own Broad Street, I woke up early, scrapped my plans, and headed on over.

Coast to Coast makes design choices that you might be more familiar with in a Steakhouse

Initially, a part of me felt that I was placing too much expectation on Coast to Coast. A part of me hoping to rekindle the joy the previous fling had given me whilst the other tried to accept that my memory had placed Coast to Coast on such a

because my first time there was so enjoyably brilliant that I feared it was an impossible high I was going to be left chasing.

Yet thankfully, Coast to Coast came through with a second hit that in some ways were even better than the first.

But before I start making comparisons, let’s talk about the things that were the same.

A Gibson Les Paul casually hangs in a glass case on the wall

The decor. It’s unapologetically ‘American’; very much how TGI’s used to be in a few of their locations, so expect boothed and padded seating and even items with some cultural significance enshrined behind glass boxes under spotlights.

Coast to Coast seems to never be a ‘bright’ place to sit in- perhaps the tinted windows give that vibe away from the outside but this isn’t a bad thing. In many ways  it makes the restaurant feel somewhat exclusive - even when it’s busy and the exceptionally polite wait staff certainly play into that.

Additionally, Coast to Coast seems like a really great place to grab a good drink (of the family friendly kind; we will save the bar review for another time) during breakfast whether that is from barista quality coffee or juice drinks.

It's hard to say no to a hot chocolate when it comes with marshmallows.

The menu however is a delight. With breakfast starting at 9 and going through until 12.30, you don’t necessarily need to be an early bird to get these worms.

And you should be able to find what you want; whether that be as something as simple as scrambled egg and toast, as iconic as a stack of bacon topped pancakes, or as beloved as a Full English- Coast to Coast has your stomach filled.

Of the several item’s sampled from the breakfast menu, i’ve yet to find a weakness in the menu. I have suspicions- mainly because the pancakes come out perfectly uniform but who cries about perfection?

Pancakes with Sausage, Eggs and Bacon vs. Pancakes with Blueberries and Bacon - with Maple Syrup accompanying both

I do have one complaint though; the Maple flavoured syrup. and it’s that . It’s flavoured syrup rather than the real, authentic, diabetes inducing golden nectar from Canada. But I have to be very understandable and accept that if it were it would take away from one of the biggest pluses about Coast to Coasts’ Breakfast. It’s so dang cost effective.

With two breakfasts’ for £10, it’s genuinely cheaper, more enjoyable and healthier than going to Mcdonalds to start your day.

Perhaps this is the paradox I’ve found at Coast to Coast; every complaint or suspicion I have has a solution grounded in undoing another fantastic positive it holds.

French Toast with a slice of Bacon

This doesn’t mean everything about Coast to Coast cancels itself out.

Want to make the restaurant brighter? Just add lights, but lose the privacy that comes with the tinted glass and the exclusive feel of being inside. Unhappy that the syrup isn’t thick like honey? Chances are to get the kind you want, your plate is going to be more than £5.

However the quality of these good points aren’t cancelled out into insignificance or averaged out to be, well… average; because everything comes together in a package that makes Coast to Coast very familiar on the surface, but ultimately unique, blowing everything similar out of the water.

9 Brindley Place, Broad St, Birmingham B1 2H


  • Very competitive on the price

    Way better than competitors at this price point.


  • It’s a great breakfast.


  • Barista quality Coffee that’s sure to get you awake if you aren’t already.

    Super friendly wait staff.


  • It’s unexpectedly quiet, so you and your date can get some privacy in what is a huge restaurant.


  • Food comes out quickly. You can bravely make this your first meal of the day - if you can fight off the ‘hangry'.


  • Juice is suspiciously watered down, even if doesn’t take away from the taste.

    Don’t get fooled by the 'flavoured' syrup.


    You can rack up quite the drinks bill if you aren’t paying attention.

  • Food may end up being cheap but the drinks are not.


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