Dark Sugars: Redefining your Chocolate Obsession

Dark Sugars

Redefining your Chocolate Obsession


Shoreditch, London



You’ve probably seen the videos of someone slicing a giant block of chocolate like it is a brisket, re-igniting your craving for chocolate in ways which you have never felt before. That video was taken here, at Dark Sugars- a place better for chocolate than Cadburys could ever imagine.

Based near the world-famous Brick Lane Market in Shoreditch, Dark Sugars makes the now ordinary and humble bar of chocolate and re-energises it with a sense of opulence that once surrounded these rich little cocoa beans.

Look at these big ol' cocoa seeds

And how they do it isn’t through elaborate machinery, ostentatious décor or even a convoluted menu made up of alien sounding ingredients; instead it infuses opulence through their craft, which makes Dark Sugars feel like a true treat instead of just another Chocolate or ‘Candy’ store.

One of the many ways in which they do this is by creating combinations that were invented solely to make your mouth water.

A selection of the Liquid Sea Salt Caramel pearls.

And you shouldn’t feel guilty about your mouth forming a little extra liquid. Pink Champagne, Red Velvet, Orange Caramel, Cardamon & Orange and Flambeed Cognac Truffles are flavours designed to trigger your inner glutton as well as reassert that chocolates for adults spans a greater selection than ‘After Eights’ or some fancy chocolate truffles.

The second way in which Dark Sugars spoils you is by making the shop feel exclusive and that being here is an event.

So... many... flavours!

Now the videos that surface on the internet certainly go some way towards making you feel this, but even if you have not, Dark Sugars has several smaller details that make the larger picture of this place far more memorable than your sweet shop.

The first of which is that they put the skill of their workers on display and by watching these chocolate wizards work a blade on the block of cocoa, you quickly realise that what you are about to eat is something you couldn’t prepare yourself.

Feel free to top up with some alcohol

Secondly, all of the chocolate is available for you to pick and peruse at your leisure. No. Gone is the tradition of the sweet shop owner being the gatekeeper to your sweet fix and replaced is this unspoken bond between owner and customer and each piece you pick feels like choosing a new Gucci bag.

Additionally, this might be the only chocolate shop that has a dedicated bar, with options to have your chocolates at varying temperatures and levels of alcoholic content.

If diamonds are a girls best friend, she clearly never knew about these pearls!

So why should you come here? Well, if you read our Cadbury World review and thought it tickled your chocolate fantasies but it lacked the necessary edge to feel upmarket or romantic, or if you felt it was too child friendly and distracting, Dark Sugars is perfect for you.

The upmarket chocolate choices and cleverly themed layout of the store means that it feels like a special place.

Besides; chocolate is an aphrodisiac and in a dating scenario, that helps.

141 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB


  • Everything is custom made and to order to the point where it feels artisan.
  • Lovely location means that Dark Sugars can be a destination or a stop on your way to a plethora of other activities.
  • Feels upmarket and modern without being gimmicky or gaudy.
  • Reclaims the glamour of chocolate from the clutches of child-focused advertising.
  • Chocolate + Alcohol = A good day out.
  • Lives up to the social media hype.
  • Vegan options help add a variety to the menu without compromising the non-vegan friendly menu.


  • You may feel quickly light of pocket as these luxury chocolates are not cheap but they are moreish.

  • Located in the millennial paradise that is Shoreditch and on the edge of Brick Lane Market, it quickly becomes busy here so don't make Dark Sugars your only stop of the day.
  • The bar isn't always open, though someone is usually happy to help.
  • If you're sensitive to nuts, the threat that someone may cross-contaminate the prongs is very real.
  • Choices are limited to non-existent if you don't like or can't drink full fat milk (excluding vegan options.)

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