Dates On The Hilltop at Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace

Dates On The Hilltop


Wood Green, North London



Originally built in 1873, Alexandra Palace is a 140-year-old former Television Broadcast building that may not sound like the date location of choice. But pull up to ‘The Peoples Palace’ and you both may never want to leave.

I’m going to come straight out with it and say that ‘Ally Pally’ is one of the best date locations in the entirety of North London for a variety of reasons.

It's common for couples and friends alike to come and enjoy the grasslands here, and with so much space available, encroaching onto someone else's piece of peace is unlikely.

Firstly, the grounds on which this multi-venue building rest on are quite simply beautiful, with parts of the exterior granting you a view of London to Canary Wharf to your right- a handsome 10 miles away, with parts of Central London and the world famous ‘Shard’ Building to your centre left, meaning anything the two of you do; whether that be going for a walk or a run, or having drinks on the Phoenix’s terrace- is backed with a breath-taking view.

An observatory point at Alexandra Palace

 But going for a run along what feels like several miles of pathways or going for a drink along the terrace is not the only way the two of you can spend time together as Alexandra Palace boasts a number of additional activities ranging from Ice Skating and Outdoor Climbing facilities, to peadlo boating, skate park facilities, a pitch and put golfing range and provisional Fun Fare areas.

It means that like another favourite of ours, The Midlands Arts Centre, Alexandra Palace boasts a location that can adapt to almost any style of date at almost any time of day; whether that be arts orientated and featured around the internal theater, active and around the park grounds or internal hall, or chilled and in the beer garden.

Clear skies and a view of the city provide a perfect backdrop for your drinks at the Phoenix.

Yet that only marks what Alexandra Palace is ready to give to you.

If you decide to use Alexandra Palace for your own means, then the possibilities as to where your date can go or what the two of you can do increases even more, as the open, unrestricted and ever so grassy hillside opens the opportunities for things like picnics.

If the two of you are feeling like sitting by the waterside, jump in a pedalo or grab a bite at the cafe.

But the versatility of Alexandra Palace is not its only positive point, as dates that arrive by car can expect to make the most of a rarity in London: All day free and secure parking.

But despite the mostly glowing recommendation that I can leave for Ally Pally, there is an ultimate cost to pay for the scenery, seclusion and versatility: Accessibility.

This isn’t to say that the People’s Palace is inaccessible to the people; in fact the local Train & Underground stations would quickly disagree- though walking from them may be a challenge if you are physically challenged.

It’s because the hill on which Alexandra Palace rests atop feels like a small mountain, leaving you with a few ‘easy’ options in which you can preserve your dignity and the feeling of romance if sweating, heaving breathing and minor joint pain put you off- meaning arriving by car, taxi or the W8 bus is a must.

To conclude then, Alexandra Palace is yet another robust and reliable location which you should find no qualms in visiting. The drinks, whilst may be pricey for some, match the pricing of the local pubs and the wealth of activities available here means that should you find yourself coming here on nine consecutive weekends, you can quickly assume that your dates will consist of nine different things.

Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY



  • Fantastic location with excellent views.

  • A truly versatile location with a wealth of events means the Alexandra Palace can always be a relevant Date Location.

  • FREE ALL DAY PARKING! (That's secure too.)
  • Great opening times means you can really spend the entire day here without too much bother.
  • One of the VERY few all-weather ice-rinks available means that you can go Ice Skaing even in the summer! 


  • The hilltop location isn't the best if you don't have the physical ability to climb it.

  • With so much to do, you may find yourself inappropriately dressed if either you or your date change your mind on what to do.
  • Drinks are slightly inflated, even if they match local prices.
  • Food options close early, so if you don't plan on staying to drink, you're better off heading into Wood Green to get something to eat.
  • Card only payment's aren't always an option, so bring a mixture of Cash, Card and maybe Cryptocurrency to keep things ticking over smoothly.
  • With so much to do, the Palace does not specialise in any one thing- meaning that you don't come here to feel special, the company of your date is going to have to make you feel that.

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