Everyman Cinema: A Revolutionary Take on the Cinema Dining Experience

Everyman Cinema

Everyman Cinema




£23 for two adult tickets. Food from £3.20, drinks from £2.10

Notes: Price quote above is a combination of two adult tickets for £23, food from £3.20, and drinks from £2.10. Also, before I even got to the doors of the cinema, the Mailbox proved to be an absolute nightmare to park at, and after 22minutes of trying, we parked off site at a pay and display, three roads away from the walk in entrance.

With my parking troubles aside, finding the entrance to Everyman Cinema is easy to miss. Located in a corner on the outside of the Mailbox, it’s far easier to see when it’s dark and the neon lights come on in all of their glory. Don’t try to just walk in though. Pre-booking is a must, which makes the booking fee feel somewhat extortionate, yet with the limited screenings per day, it also feels almost necessary.

By the time we got through the check it became evident that we were far too late to enjoy the pre-movie goodies that were on offer at the bar. The thing is, is that since our screening was at 8.30pm, the people at the bar were not the people looking to make their orders before the film started - they were post movie dudes looking to socialise. Now if I had known that you could order, take your seat and then have the ‘waiter’ bring it to your sofa- I would have, but because I didn’t know that till after the adverts had finished and the movie was about to start- I didn’t.

The actual ‘cinema’ experience is something to behold and to be proud of. The £13per person, per ticket fee is very quickly justified when you consider that the seats are:

  • Exceptionally clean
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Outstandingly spacious
  • Outrageously good at initiating cuddle sessions.

Another very obvious plus to this little slice of cinematic heaven, is the fact that unlike any other cinematic experience, you feel as if the space you are in is your own. There is something somewhat communal about the cinema, but the moment these sofas have been brought in - you almost forget where you are. The best way I can describe this is that during the movie I found myself discussing the movie with my date as if we were in the living room. It was only as I looked to my left and the patron next to me picked up his beer, did I remember where I was.

The reasons for this are simple. The relatively small cinema size, which tops out somewhere near the 100 people mark, coupled with the loveseat sofas and ample space- means that even if you are taller than six feet, you aren’t blocking the people behind you. Next is the space in the gangway. Do you ever remember trying to step over legs at your local cinema? Do you remember the nightmare of having your shoes trodden on, no matter how much you moved? Everyman just laughs at those memories. I can’t remember how many enamel bowls we stepped over, but I remember that they were just put on the floor and I walked by as easily- in the dark- as if they, and the legs of the people who ate from them, weren’t there. (I did have a minor gripe as all of the seats come with a table. They really could have just put their trash there and saved everyone the horrid visuals of a tidy-messy cinema.)

Does Everyman have the best screen and audio equipment? No, but there are a wealth of IMAX and now 4K cinemas that can promise you that. But if you assume that the designers of Everyman is skimped out in places to wow us in others, you would be mistaken. The last cinema I saw that was this clear was the one at Resort World- and that is a brand new cinema.
There is a level of intimacy that a relatively small (roughly 100) seater cinema brings too- and that distortion you get on those mega screens doesn’t happen here.

To conclude then, £13 a ticket almost feels like a bargain for two hours of exclusivity - but to charge anymore would feel like a robbery.

Everyman Mailbox 116 The Mailbox, Birmingham B1 1RF


  • Excellent space for everyone- short and tall
  • Loveseat sofas offer you and your date an unhindered opportunity for intimacy
  • Unbeatable refreshments due to the Bar and working kitchen
  • Fair Price
  • Don’t have to worry about the ‘dinner and drinks/a movie’ date combination- you can do it all here.



  • Parking was a bit of a nightmare. It’s actually cheaper to park off plan in a pay and display, but of course it means you don’t have the security.
  • Not for the messy eaters or those who can’t eat in anything less than perfect light
  • Selection of Films isn’t as wide as your average cinema, but at least it is showing the most popular things on right now
  • It’s almost guaranteed to be packed, so don’t hope for a secretly empty showing
  • Pre-booking is essential, so don’t book if you have a flaky date.

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