Everyman Cinema: A Revolutionary Take on the Cinema Dining Experience

Everyman Cinema

Everyman Cinema




£23 for two adult tickets. Food from £3.20, drinks from £2.10

Notes: Price quote above is a combination of two adult tickets for £23 with food starting £3.20 and drinks from £2.10. Also, we did not use the Mailbox for parking, but a cheaper pay and display option three roads away.

Finding the entrance to Everyman Cinema is easy to miss. Located in a corner on the outside of the Mailbox, Everyman is interesting as it's harder to find in the light than it is in the dark; with bright neon lights beckoning you to enter from afar. Don't enter on a whim though, with limited seats, screens and showings a day, pre-booking is a must and without a reservation the cinema's bouncer will turn you away.

It means that unlike other Cinema's where you can turn up seconds before arrival, this soft security screening means that anything other than arriving in ample time will mean you miss out on the pre-movie goodies that are on offer at the bar.

And I really do mean ample time, as the bar is something used by prospective movie goers after their film has concluded, meaning you should expect to do some waiting regardless of what it is that you wish to order.

Everyman does have an in-cinema service though, with orders being placed at the bar and then brought to your seat mid-viewing.

This addition to the cinema experience is a welcome one, as getting up to get more popcorn mid-way through the movie now takes no longer than it would if you went to the toilet. And when the tickets come in at £13 per head, more than double the price of a regular movie ticket - you shouldn't want to be getting up.


So what does £13 get you? Well, it should come as no surprise, but a solid, robust and pleasurable experience that justifies the price.

Another very obvious plus to this slice of cinematic heaven, is the feeling that you are in your own space. This is a feeling that came as a surprise, but because of the generous spacing between the sofas and the gentle incline each row of sofa are on, your seat imbues a feeling of privacy.

In a way, sitting in Everyman with your date feels as if you are in your living room,watching a movie, and as long as you don't look over your shoulder to find a stranger taking a swig of their beer, you won't lose that feeling.

Everyman does not have the best cinematic equipment however, with it's screen and audio's falling short of the IMAX quality some of you may have grown accustomed to. But if you assume that the designers of Everyman is skimped out in places to wow us in others, you would be mistaken. The last cinema I saw that was this clear was the brand new screen at Resort World.

To conclude then, £13 a ticket almost feels like a bargain for two hours of exclusivity - but with long wait times for food and entry, it's hard to choose Everyman on a whim. Instead, make it an occasion to visit Everyman; as it's role in a cinematic date night experience is almost second to none.

Everyman Mailbox 116 The Mailbox, Birmingham B1 1RF


  • Excellent space for everyone- short and tall!
  • Love seat sofas offer you and your date an unhindered opportunity for family friendly intimacy.
  • Unbeatable refreshments due to the in-house bar and working kitchen.
  • Despite it's costs it's value for money is excellent.
  • Don’t have to worry about the ‘dinner and drinks/a movie’ date combination- you can do it all here.



  • Parking was a bit of a nightmare. It’s actually cheaper to park off site in a pay and display.
  • Cheaper parking also means reduced security.
  • Not for the messy eaters or those who can’t eat in anything less than perfect light.
  • Selection of Films isn’t as wide as your average cinema, so coming to a consensus on what to see may take several attempts over a couple of days.
  • It’s almost guaranteed to be packed, so don’t hope for a secretly empty showing.
  • Pre-booking is essential, so don’t book if your plans aren't settled or want to come here on a whim.

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