Nick Cannon To Release New ‘Digital Condom’ App To ‘Protect Women’

Called CNCNT which stands for ‘Consensual, Contractual and Tested’, aims to protect women by allowing users to see a historical file on potential partners sexual health and activities.

Announced during a VLAD TV interview to host, DJ Vlad; television mogul and former music star Nick Cannon’s latest idea aims to curb the current number of people contracting STD’s by allowing their next potential partner(s) to display their sexual history; including number of former partners, their most recent sexual health check up & if the person has any STD’s.

Designed to be a self-policed survey, CNCNT will ask the “uncomfortable questions” regarding sexual health such as: ‘How many people have you slept with?’, ‘Do you always use protection?’, ‘When was the last time you were tested?’ as well as questions regarding to which acts the user is comfortable engaging in.

Cannon, who is yet to release the app hopes to prevent situations in court where it is “your word against their word” concerning how a night of passion may have turned ugly, with the app being able to provide some evidence as to what actions you were willing to participate in before the sex began.

Initially pitched to protect women, some critics found that this “Car-fax for your sex life” had some loopholes which had not yet been fully thought through; such as instances where consent is revoked mid-way through the liaison, or times where the secondary party pushes the ‘consent’ button on your behalf.

However, with the app still in development, Cannon and his team have plenty of time to work out the kinks and provide a soloution to a “very big problem.”

What are your thoughts? Should Nick continue to develop the app, or is this an invasion of privacy waiting to happen? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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