Nosh & Quaff: Cold Beer & Fresh Lobster

Nosh & Quaff

Cold Beer & Fresh Lobster


City Centre, Birmingham



Residing beside the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and sharing a road with Snow Hill Station, Nosh & Quaff bridges the gap between upscale and high street with an eatery that prides itself on the fresh lobsters and gourmet burgers which make up the menu as part of the Lasan Group; an ‘innovative and exciting hospitality brand’ here in the UK.

This collaboration between Nosh & Quaff and five other restaurants to form the Lasan Group is important; as dining here grants you access to a membership card, one that allows you to redeem points that can be used to pay for your meal- so if you have ever dined at Fiesta Del Asado, Izza Pizza, Lasan Restaurant, Raja Monkey or Aktar Islam and have an active Lasan Group Card- some considerable savings can be made if you choose to bring a date here.

However, if you are uninitiated to the world of Nosh & Quaff but have been itching to go, chances are you’re familiar with places like Big Easy, Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and Grill, Rodizio Rico and other eateries which cater to tastes and budgets that exceed your typical high street restaurant and its clientele.


Nosh & Quaff's bar is a wonderland of alternative alcoholic beverages; so keep an open mind and try a classic cocktail with a modern twist.

This has to be remembered as whilst it is exceptionally similar to last week’s review of Grillstock Smokehouse, it actually draws more comparisons with Big Easy, a London based Lobster joint set in the heart of the capital.

For like Big Easy, Nosh & Quaff also features: Southern United States based menu with the lobster being the crown jewel in the chef’s arsenal. Secondly, both restaurants limit your time here with Nosh & Quaff limiting you to 90 minutes.

Prices, which aren’t particularly extortionate, are similar too; with the average dish being closer to £20 per dish and like Big Easy, comes without sides unless requested.

Nosh & Quaff Chicken Fritters

It means that the majority of Nosh & Quaff’s clientele are usually other daters, those who are looking to impress or celebrate special occasions; or are those young and wealthy professionals which Birmingham is proud to advertise.

It means that Nosh & Quaff is unlike your typical seafood diner or steakhouse as it very proudly loses the uptight attitude that comes with an older user demographic, or assumed prestige that comes with age.

One of the best examples of this refreshing take on ‘good food’ is their attitude towards advertising the bathroom.

'LAVS' Like... lavatory.


Because if you are like me and this is your first trip to Nosh & Quaff, finding the toilets may be a bit tricky. It was only pointed out to me when it was clear that I was meandering across the floor like a  lost puppy; to a sign labelled ‘Lavs’.

But a hip, young crowd and inventive signage does not mean that Nosh & Quaff tolerates tardy dress; in fact, the waiters and waitresses will certainly look better than you if you come in wearing anything less than ‘smart/casual’ & you’d feel out of place in comparison to everyone else if you come in that way either.

But what does Nosh & Quaff bring to the table? Well if you look at the Google reviews, most people believe that coming her is better than your typical, high street restaurant and I’m inclined to agree.

The quality of ingredients is well thought out, chosen and prepared and the menu makes sense; there isn’t confusion in what this place tries to make, so what they do make they do well.

This level of praise translates to the drinks and alcohol section too as a number of drinks of offer can safely be called a ‘catalogue’.

In fact, Nosh & Quaff do not shy away from alcohol; with pretty much any liquor or spirit being offered as an additional shot.

Nosh & Quaff Vanilla Milkshake with a shot of Burbon. Invisible alcoholic content, but it comes with a noticeable kick.

It means that coming here to eat feels like a location worthy of carrying your occasion and providing a helpful assist in making sure that your plans of a celebratory evening go as smoothly as possible.

However, there is one thing that holds Nosh & Quaff back from being a 5/5 review for me and that is the lack of choice the menu brings.

During our time here I found myself struggling to order as much of the menu is more of the same, so if you aren’t a huge fan of pork or meat in general, don’t expect the mentioning of Lobster to translate into ‘plenty of seafood options’.  

 And whilst props can be given for their alternative sides; things such as corn loaf and Mac & Cheese- it isn’t enough to make up for the lack of versatility in the mains.

Council House, 130 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 3AP

*Note: further comments on the food have been withheld due to the group atmosphere in which we were ordering and participating, most likely affecting the overall result of the dishes, even if they were satisfactory. *


  • Clear and concise, American based menu.

  • Don't like the side options? That's fine, just add another meat as your side!
  • Fantastic city centre location, a stones throw away from the town hall.
  • A location favoured by the young professionals of the city due to it's uptown feel.
  • Quick and friendly service
  • A location suitable and capable of carrying that next big occasion for you.


  • Menu doesn't have much variety, so check the menu online first to see if there's anything you both like.

  • For many, it's a little pricey to be anything other than a irregular or celebratory date venue.
  • Timed dining makes your time here feel rushed.
  • If you're not ready to use your brain, you might get lost looking for the toilets.

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