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Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel

Making It To The Hotel Bar


Battersea, London



Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa is a four-star luxury set in the jewel of South West London that is Battersea; but whilst the hotel may be missing that extra star on the building, it certainly is a great location to have a five star date.

First of all, pitching a date where you know it starts at the hotel bar can be a difficult sell.

For a couple that’s not yet physically acquainted, it implies a night of lustful passion with an impatient partner and for the rabbits in the room, a hotel is an expensive way for you to do what you both do all the time already.

But if you reside in a somewhat mature relationship, the idea of a bar can be daunting; the loud environment and perhaps questionable locale can put a number of people off before the night has even begun.
But Pestana negates each of these issues.

The Bar, whilst modest is more than capable of catering to your thirsty desires.

First off, to enjoy the hotel’s bar you don’t need a room, so the pressure of cashing out for a night of regular sex in a new place isn’t so daunting. Secondly, it’s a hotel that’s so near to central London, that merely inquiring about the parking (which can cost up to £20) very quickly dispels any notions of ‘questionable locale’.

However, parking should be the most expensive thing for the night as your food and drinks are all modestly priced; fairing competitively with any other food chain out there and besting them in the categories of presentation and ingredient freshness.

It is one of several tiny changes that drastically improves the overall experience. Another small, yet noticeable change is seen in the catering staff, who rather than wait for you to flag them down like a taxi in New York, are observant, discreet and efficient with their service.

Bolinhos de Bacalhau- they don't look like anything special, but put one in your mouth and be prepared to consider a life of pescetarianism.

These values are clearly ones that mirror the clientele here as even when the table service is busy are the hushed volumes of all around you noticeable.

This isn’t to say that Pestana has no ‘atmosphere’ or ‘ambiance’. If anything, this combination of discrete service and intimate, almost private dining experience creates an environment that feels rather well rounded, romantic and sophisticated in feel.

Now these points may feel as if you have to turn up to Pestana’s bar as if it were a black-tie event. Though if you do, I apologise and would like to put your fears at rest, as Pestana seems to be highly accommodating to a large majority of dress types.


Latte with a little biscuit. The small details that people seem to forget.

On our visit not only did families in tired tracksuits and friends in shots and open toed sandals fit in right next to the businessmen and women of the room; they were served just as courteously too.
One recommendation though if you make a visit is to try the Bolinhos de Bacalhau- a salted fish ball dish.

Prepared on site and to order; our hosts for the evening argued that it was better than many they had sampled in Portugal- the birthplace of origin for the dish.

To conclude then, Pestana is a location that I would be more than happy to recommend. Coming in at less than £50, the two of you could have a night of casual romance without in this setting where even the intimacy feels ambient.

354 Queenstown Rd, London SW11 8AE



  • Superb public transport links via London Underground & Bus.

  • Food is outstanding.
  • Excellent value for what you are getting.
  • Lovely environment.
  • Superb, superb wait staff who deserve so much credit for what they are doing- they really make you feel looked after.
  • Very relaxing setting means you can focus on how good your babes is looking right across from you.


  • Hotel parking is never cheap and this is no exception.

  • Whilst the decor is lovely, you are never under any pretenses that this is anything other than the Hotel Bar.
  • There's a Hotel restaurant in the same lobby and is noticeably more expensive. If your date catches onto this, you may be feeling light of pocket or them feeling cheap.
  • Many of your favourite Beer's aren't available.
  • Portion sizes vary between dish to dish; so pick what you know you can eat but expect to order seconds if you have a large appetite.

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