Rush Trampoline Park: The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On


The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On


Kings Norton,, Birmingham


£22 (plus an additional £2 each for socks)

Hot, sweaty fun. Your legs feel weak and you’ve been at it for so long that your chest feels a little tight and muscles in places you didn’t know you had muscles feel sore. Rush Trampoline Park is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.

Based in an industrial estate in Kings Norton, Rush is unique from the outset, as if you put the postcode into your satnav, you will be directed to a place about half a mile up the road. It means that should you order a taxi, you won’t be found- despite the very clear roadside postings.

At Rush Trampoline Park, FUN is your oyster.

This is one of the many quirks about Rush, because everything about it sounds objectionable from a dating perspective.

Firstly, you dress down. What you would wear here is no different to what you might wear to the gym.

Swing into action on the Trapeze

Secondly, you aren’t doing something that satisfies your growing hunger and in fact, you are going to work up an appetite. A serious appetite.

And lastly, you will not look particularly desirable or glamourous whilst you are here. If anything, the most desire you may feel towards your date is the need to hit them whilst on the battle beams.

Battle Beams!!!

Which brings me onto the features here at Rush Trampoline Park; because whilst it sounds like it is full of trampolines- which is true, it’s not the only thing that you can do here.

In fact, there are a mixture of facilities that can have you pretending you are a circus worker; such as the slackline, trapeze, foam pits and ‘high performance area’, or on the show ‘Total Wipeout’ with some elements ripped directly from the show such as the obstacle course and ‘Rush Wipeout’; a spinning contraption that can have you either being hit in the legs, or swept of your feet. (Please excuse the pun.)

Prepare to be swept away by the Rush Wipeout machine.

Yet there seems to be something for everyone. Those of you looking to get nostalgic and invoke the memories of the classic show ‘Gladiator’ can do, as there the battle beam I spoke of earlier as well as a rock climbing wall and ‘wavy lane’ – where you can summersault and pirouette like a gymnast doing their vault routine.

Each of these have their individual highlights, though we found ourselves spending the most time in the ‘Slam Dunk Basketball’ area like we were Slam Ball Athletes and in the Dodgeball arena trying to perfect our aim.

It's less Stephen Curry and more Shaq Attack!

Because the great thing about Rush is that no matter how great your relationship is, nothing quite gets to alleviate a sense of stress quite like watching your significant other swim around in a foam pit like a moron, or aggressively attempting to throw a dodgeball, only for it to land squarely on their thigh no harder than a love tap.

But all things do come to an end however and once

 Your 30, 60 or 90 minute time slot is complete, you might want to spend a little time in the café resting and recuperating before making your way elsewhere.

Rush Trampoline Park has some interesting menu choices, and most actually recommend that you give them a try.

And despite the title of it being a café, what Rush’s catering offers is far more than your standard cups of coffee.

In fact, it is quite substantial and whilst we did not sample any of the dizzying array of Jacket Potatoes, Pizzas, Lasagnes, Chilli’s or anything else on the menu, the reviews that do come in about the food, aren’t ones about complaining.

But despite the immense amount of enjoyment that Rush will bring, there are several things that hold it back from being a blind recommendation.

The Rush Cafe

First of all, Rush acknowledges that Trampolining, and by extension everything that you can do here is dangerous and does not shy away from telling you that what you are about to embark on could be the last thing you ever do in the mandatory waiver that you must sign before you even fulfil the booking.

Of course, they say that there is no thrill like being on the brink of death, yet despite this never feels like you might die. Granted, the abuse you put your body though whilst you’re here means that the threat of injury is real, yet it would have to take a monumental moment of idiocy or a freak accident for that to happen.
Essentially my warning is; If you or your date are exceptionally unlucky or are accident prone, it may be best to give Rush a miss.

A section of the 'Ninja course'

Additionally, you may find your clothes being stripped off your body as you navigate around the facility. This isn’t members of staff stripping you down into your birthday suit, no; it’s the activities themselves.

At several points during our visit, I found myself feeling a breeze in places I didn’t expect as I tried to climb out of the foam pits- so for the sake of your decency, make sure your clothes are secure so you can at least feel them coming off and redress accordingly.

Don't worry about your things though as there are personalised, coded lockers that will keep your things secure & for FREE!

Now despite these quirky negatives, Rush is a trampoline park that far usurps other parks throughout the country, meaning that whilst the price is a little more than other parks on average, the benefits of this are far outweighed.

So feel the liberation of being a child again and experience the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Lifford Ln, Birmingham B30 3DZ


  • Loads of different jump sessions means you can quickly find a session that works for you.

  • Super cool orange jump socks!
  • So so so so so so so so so so so so so so much fun.
  • You get to pretend that you are on Ninja Warrior, but without all the cameras watching you fail!
  • Great menu choices for just about everybody.
  • One of the BEST Trampoline Parks in the Country.
  • A hot and sweaty time.
  • With loads of classes available, this could be your replacement for the gym.


  • The additional price of socks is annoying if you have an existing pair from another park, even if they are re-usable.

  • Even if you get here by Satnav, there's a chance you will still get lost. (So keep an eye out for the signs!)

  • There's a sizeable walk to the nearest taxi rank (250m) which is a bit difficult if they feel like jelly after your session.

  • Threatened with death if you don't follow the rules.

  • It's popular with the young and the extreme sports crowd, so if you're body or ability conscious, it may be hard for you to get into.

  • Foam pit wanted to strip me. (It's not cheating if it's an inanimate object is it?)
  • You may go in looking like the next Posh and Becks, but will most likely come out looking like the Shreks.

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