Strike Lucky with Bowling at Starcity

Starcity Bowling

...tries to bowl you for 10.




£12.90 per person for two frames (£7.55 for a single frame and £18.25 for three) and adult food from £2.60

If you’re like me, the idea of bowling when you're not attending a 10year old's birthday party can seem almost... alien. So when I discovered that bowling dates were a ‘big thing’ for first dates, I had to investigate for myself. What I found surprised me.

Alright, so you know the scenario... You want to showcase your brilliant social skills, innate ability to rock clown shoes like the fashionista that you are & flex your muscles by showing how well you can batter a family of pins with a ball that feels as if it was made of concrete.

Tenpin boasts a healthy sized arcade with a variety of amusements to keep your date entertained should the mood take you.

Now bowling as an activity is fun. Bowling is a rare sport that can be enjoyed even if you aren't very good; because the game inherently is poised for you to fail. It’s a bit like darts in that regard- getting a bullseye is what everyone aims to do, but if you can’t finish off on a double, the game will go on forever. Worst yet is the fact that a bullseye isn’t the highest score you can achieve. Bowling is like this. Whilst a strike is the best score you can get- it is also the shortest way to play the game. So, if you are looking for value for money, aiming for spares is the best way to lengthen the game and subsequently, your date.

And if you find yourself in need of some liquid courage, the bar is on hand to offer you both some assistance.

The venue in question is Tenpin, located at Birmingham’s Universe of entertainment; Starcity. With a buzzing arcade, well stocked bar and active kitchen, you could - in theory make the trip to a corner of the M6 and never knock over a family of pins.

And of course, the lanes themselves in all of their brightly polished glory.

However, I would say that you would be wasting your time. Whilst the bar serves alcohol and there is a dedicated taxi company working from the carpark, the best way to get here is to drive. The food, whilst simple enough to baton away protests from even the fussiest eaters isn’t good enough to make Tenpin a choice over the wealth of alternative food sites on location, even if you consider it for price alone, the McDonald's across the carpark might seem more appetising. If you choose to eat at Tenpin, it is for the convenience alone and nothing more.

32 Watson Rd, Birmingham B7 5SA


  • Bowling is low work rate fun and if you aren’t the competitive type, this fun can be enhanced with the bowling aids.
  • The food facilities make a quick and convenient bite to eat if all other locations fail you.
  • Your night doesn’t have to end when your frames do, as the arcade can extend the life of your date by a few hours – if you bring enough change.
  • Free parking for 24 hours. If you get a parking ticket here, I would actually be amazed.
  • If you can’t or won't drive, there is an abundance of taxis all waiting for your custom at a dedicated, on-site taxi rink.
  • You don’t have to change your shoes, so no funky foot infection!


  • Bowling is an obvious choice and now everyone is a fan. If your date is a serial dater, they have probably been bowling several times this month already.
  • The food! Oh my goodness, the food! Just avoid it unless you’ve really run out of options, or your health depends on it!
  • It can be a pretty short date, we had finished both frames within an hour and whilst we weren’t taking our time, we certainly thought we had been there longer.

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