Treat Your Date Like Royalty at Forty Hall

Forty Hall

Fit for your very own King or Queen


Enfield, London



Forty Hall Estate is commonly considered as nothing more than an upscale events hall situated in the North London Borough of Enfield, but should you take your date to visit this former Tudor Palace, you should also take the opportunity to treat them like royalty.


With a lake on site, you can spend your date feeding the ducks between rests on your walk.

Encapsulating the former site of the Tudor Era Elsyng Palace, Forty Hall is a 17th Century Manor House and Museum that defies the idea that London MUST be congested.
Occupied by bird watchers, history aficionados and dog walkers alike, Forty Hall feels a world away from the city in which it resides, as the vast amounts of greenery which forms the ‘green belt’ around London’ makes you feel as if you are in a midlands village rather than a world leading city superpower.

The greenery and the abundance of quiet that comes with it means that your trip to Forty Hall can be best realised if you are both keen on going for a long walk to get a lung full of fresh air, but find yourselves a little too far from a beach.

Yet with over 200 acres of land to explore, taking the time out to stretch your legs may be somewhat off putting, though be not afraid. The grounds closet to the carpark do feature a ‘walled garden’ which is everything the name implies.

A sight into the Walled Garden at Forty Hall

Encapsulated with four walls, the walled garden is a garden in which a selection of fine flowers and some well-maintained shrubbery fill the space, with a number of conveniently located benches for you to use should the need arise.

Yet walks are not the only thing Forty Hall should be best remembered for, as the Jacobean Era building is also a Museum, with period rooms and actors making up of the permanent exhibition.
It means that your dating experience here can be somewhat memorable, particularly if either one of you is particularly fond of British Memory or loves a themed tour.

The entire complex is immense and you can quickly find yourselves lost on these enchanting grounds.

However, you aren’t forced to gawp at the period living, as Forty Hall has a quaint little café which seems to be enjoyed by almost any and everyone who comes to visit.

Serving teas, cakes and locally sourced seasonal refreshments, the café offers you both the choice to stop for some afternoon tea; though should you look to have your bellies filled, you are better off bringing a picnic.

a sight into the cafe and gift shop through the old stable entrance.

Bringing that picnic however, mau be a little tricky as all of this tranquil isolationism comes at a cost.

As whilst there are many busses and even two train stations close to the area, Forty Hall’s idyllic and stately location is best reached by car, unless you want to serve your afternoon walk with extra walking for both a starter and dessert.

Forty Hill, London EN2 9HA



  • Fantastic way of escaping the rush of London without having to leave the city limits.

  • Rich historical and botanical site.
  • The overwhelming majority of the site is dog friendly. 
  • It's pretty much quiet no matter what time of the day you go.
  • A great place to spend some time together as you simultaneously relax and stay active.


  • Very difficult and arguably pointless without a car.

  • Cafe is more of a Coffee stop than cafe.
  • Make sure to bring your wellies if it has rained even a little bit within the last week.
  • Not much to do if you aren't at all interested in the local history.
  • Or if you aren't both looking to go on a walk.
  • With so much parkland to enjoy, you may miss out on a lot of it, or get tired before you see it all.

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