Trying Japan’s Sweetest Treats with Milk Train

Milk Train

Japanese Sweet Treats


Covent Garden, Central London



Milk Train makes the once impossibly whimsical ‘going out for ice-cream’ and turns it into a worthwhile adventure  for those not only looking for a scoop of the soft stuff, but for that scoop to be transformed into something more. 

Most people don’t need a reason to go into Covent Garden these days. Featuring over 100 bars and restaurants for you to enjoy from an array of price points, deciding to come here for ice cream might be a hard sell. As such, Milk Train may be popular during the day, but is busy once the sun sets and the bars start to crowd. 

Because as a spot, Milk Train would scratch the deepest of sweet tooth induced itches as your ice cream choices have evolved beyond the traditional 99 Flake  with strawberry syrup and hundreds and thousands. At Milk Train you can get a variety of flavours covered in caramel sauce, pretzels and sprinkles, then get it surrounded with the lightest of candy floss to boot.

The flavours change every day here too, so no two trips - even if they are a day apart is guaranteed to be the same & with regular seasonal flavour changes, the whole menu is kept feeling fresh also. 

However, unlike some ice cream places which are attached to say an Italian cafe or restaurants, Milk Train’s Japanese Ice Cream parlour stands alone and as such, you might be standing too. 

It means then that Milk Train is worth a trip for, but is hardly a good enough reason to go to Covent Garden sole for. Instead, Milk Train can be a stop on a sight seeing tour, a small something to kick off your visit, or a deeply indulgent stop before heading home.

In any case, Milk Train shouldn’t be overlooked if the two of you are hoping to skip to dessert. 

12 Tavistock St


  • Super close to Covent Garden Tube Station.
  • Unique flavours that change daily.
  • Food worthy of going onto Instagram.
  • The number of possible combinations is crazy.


  • Can be hard to find.
  • For fussy eaters, flavours might be too out there.
  • Very limited seating, so don't make plans around staying here.
  • Limited transport options to get here.

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