We’re Going On A Tour!

Hello Daters!

First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for reading so diligently over the past five months and helping us to utterly destroy the 100,000 views mark; a milestone I had hoped to accomplish but never imagined would happen so soon in this little websites life.

Some of us will be here…

(In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret- you have all been so amazing that you ‘broke’ the old statistics software!)

Now whilst 100,000 views is not the end goal, it is something to celebrate; which is why I have accepted an invitation to visit both London and Amsterdam over the next two weeks, with the trip beginning on Monday and TWO of our support couples will be heading out to South Africa for two weeks on Wednesday to help make a ‘real’ trip with reviews in the ‘near’ future.

Others will be here…

But with all of the travelling, the time- or at least the ability to create and post reviews will be put on hold, making tomorrow’s review of The New Soho Tavern the last review for at least the next two weeks.

Yes, yes; I’m as sad as you are as delivering weekly reviews has been the backbone of this website; but don’t be alarmed; you’ll still get to feast your eyes on articles and our socials which will still be regularly updated.

But we’ll certainly be here the most.

But until our return, don’t forget to stay dating and stay loving,

GOAD Creator.


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